Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition

August 4, 2019

On today’s Special Edition of HEALTH & LONGEVITY, host Dr. John Westerdahl will discuss THE SCIENCE AND DIET OF LEONARDO DA VINCI.

This special program is based on Dr. Westerdahl’s lectures he presents this Summer at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum in Simi Valley, California at the WORLD OF DA VINCI Luncheon Exhibit and Tour.

Da Vinci, a true Renaissance Man, is one of history’s most creative geniuses, an exceptional artist, engineer, inventor, scientist, anatomist, botanist, writer and much more; standing at the intersections of the arts, humanities, science, and technology.

Dr. Westerdahl discusses Da Vinci’s achievements in these areas as well as his person diet and lifestyle. Few people know that Leonardo da Vinci was also a vegetarian because of this compassion for animals. His advanced thinking regarding the vegetarian diet and lifestyle, and his writings and wisdom regarding living a healthy lifestyle, along with his detailed human anatomical drawings, make him also a leader in the health sciences.

Today, Dr. Westerdahl invites his listening audience to attend his August 7th luncheon lecture at the Reagan Library where he will also personally take HEALTH & LONGEVITY listeners on a tour of the Presidential Library & Museum.

Call 805-577-4057 or go to www.reaganfoundation.org/programs-events for more information and to purchase tickets for this event.  Dr. Westerdahl recommends ordering a special Vegan meal for this luncheon.