Interview with Jasmine Westerdahl on Vegan (Total Vegetarian) Diets for Teenagers

November 25, 2019

Today on Health and Longevity, Dr. Westerdahl introduces his daughter Jasmine Westerdahl, who will be the co-host and the featured guest interview on the program.

Jasmine Westerdahl is a Nutrition and Dietetics student at Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions. She will discuss vegan (also called total vegetarian) diets for teenagers.

Today there is a growing number of teenagers who are adopting vegan diets for health, animal welfare, and environmental reasons. Are vegan diets healthy and nutritionally sound for teenagers? Are there any health concerns for teenagers adopting vegan diets? Jasmine Westerdahl will answer these and other questions regarding the vegan total vegetarian diet for teenagers.

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