Dr. Marc Braman

October 25, 2012

Today on Health & Longevity, Dr. John Westerdahl features guest Marc Braman, M.D., M.P.H., and Executive Director of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. This program features an emerging new medical specialty in the field of medicine – Lifestyle Medicine. This approach to medicine treats the cause of lifestyle based diseases and may well be the solution to correcting the current problems associated with today’s U.S. Healthcare System. Many experts have called Lifestyle Medicine, ‘the medicine of the 21st Century’. Dr. Braman discusses the current healthcare system and its problems. Marc tells how Lifestyle Medicine can play a critical role in providing a much better option in healthcare that can truly improve the health and wellness of patients without relying on drugs and surgery by using natural methods. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, a new medical society of pioneering physicians and healthcare professionals is discussed.