Dr. Ellsworth Wareham

September 19, 2013

Today on Health & Longevity, Dr. John Westerdahl features guest, Ellsworth Wareham, M.D. – 99 Year Old Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Dr. Ellsworth Wareham has been recognized as one of the healthiest and longest living individuals living in the ‘Blue Zone’ city of Loma Linda, California. Loma Linda is a city identified by researchers from National Geographic Magazine as a geographic area in the world where people live exceptionally long, healthy lives. Dr. Wareham recently turned 100 years of age and practiced cardiothoracic surgery until he retired at 95 years of age. On this program, Dr. Wareham shares his health secrets that has contributed to his long, healthy life. He discusses his thought on how a plant-based diet is critical to the prevention, treatment and reversal of disease and how that diet can contribute to your health and longevity.