Attitudinal Healing Therapy

September 20, 2019

Today, Dr. John Westerdahl discusses the topic ATTITUDINAL HEALING AND RELATIONSHIP THERAPY – Your Attitude Is Everything In The Prevention And Treatment of Cancer. Dr. Westerdahl shares this information from the chapter he wrote in the book, THE KEY TO CANCER.

Dr. Westerdahl also interviews, internationally recognized child and adult psychiatrist, Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. (the originator of the term and concept of Attitudinal Healing) and his wife, psychotherapist Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky, Ph.D. on the healing power of forgiveness.

Dr. Jampolsky and Dr. Westerdahl, co-founded and established the first Center for Attitudinal Healing in a medical center. Dr. Jampolsky is a recipient of the American Medical Association’s highest award, The AMA Excellence in Medicine – Pride in the Profession Award, for his contribution of Attitudinal Healing to the field of emotional and mental health.