Alex Jack & Sachi Kato

October 11, 2017

Today on Health & Longevity, Dr. John Westerdahl features his guests Alex Jack and Sachi Kato, experts on the Macrobiotic diet and co-authors of the book ‘The One Peaceful World Cookbook’. Their cookbook features over 150 vegan Macrobiotic recipes for vibrant health and happiness. Alex and Sachi discuss the Macrobiotic diet approach and philosophy to eating and the recipes in their cookbook. Dr. Westerdahl also presents an interview that he did with Michio Kushi on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Mr. Kushi introduced modern Macrobiotics to the United States from Japan in the early 1950’s. He was the founder of Erewhon Natural Foods and an author of Macrobiotic books and publications.